Agua, Silencio, Memoria y Felisberto Hernández
Water, Silence and Memory in Felisberto Hernández

This book is a poetic essay that delves into the mystery and magic of Uruguayan writer Felisberto Hernández. The author uses her own stories and obsessions with the shadow and light of the image of water, with the conscious and unconscious processes of memory and with the silence and outburst of creation to bring forth her own unique and creative discourse. "This essay transcends the descriptive and informational discourse into a creative dimension…It is a creative outburst …” Armando Navarro, El Nacional, Caracas.

“I was in the situation of someone who has assumed, all his life, that madness was on way, and suddenly in its grip, discovers that it is not only different from the way he'd imagined but that the person suffering from it is someone else, and that this someone else is not interested in finding out what madness is like: he is simply immersed in it, or it has descended on him, and that's that.”
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Felisberto Hernández

“…sorprende el contacto con un libro de ensayos que trasciende el nivel descriptivo-informacional para ubicarse en la dimensión creadora que exige el discurso literario construido a partir de otro discurso. Esa cualidad la alcanza Carol Prunhuber en su intento por descifrar los mecanismos implícitos en la obra narrativa del uruguayo Felisberto Hernández."
Incertidumbre, premoniciones (extracto). Por Armando Navarro El Nacional, Papel Literario, Caracas, 11 de enero 1987. Leer nota