Women: Around the World and Through the Ages

Humanity often extols great men, but much so less great women. Yet such women certainly have existed, do exist, and will always play on the world stage. Scores of women have stood out because of their actions, their influence, their beauty or their other qualities; many have been mythified throughout history.  Each and every woman has her own story and each character profiled in this collection personifies womanhood.
Where does one begin describing the most fabled women? Each country and culture has political leaders, warriors, artists, writers, saintly mothers, seductive temptresses, martyrs, traitors, healers, outlaws, sages, movie stars and goddesses of creation.

Women: Around the World and Through the Ages builds upon the lives of one hundred and ten women whose tales the world will never tire of telling: Eve, Catherine the Great, Marie Curie, Hellen Keller, Maria Callas, Coco Chanel, Virginia Woolf, Mother Teresa, Eva Peron, Benazir Bhutto, Saint Teresa of Avila, the mythic Lilith, The Queen of Sheba, Sheherazade, Boudicca, Mata Hari, Angela Davis and Grace Kelley among scores of others.

Women provide another face of history, for their values are different from those of men. As symbols of life, women will play a humanist role in civilization forever.

A beautifully illustrated collection of the most fabled women’s biographies …with groupings from creation myths to the politically powerful. Each two-page read is a perfect way for World History students to learn about women who culturally and historically fed our collective imagination.
Women’s History Book Review  

A beautiful book whose text…reads like a novel.
Madame Figaro

This magnificently illustrated book pays homage to the real and legendary women who left themselves on this earth within the collective memory or imagination of humanity. In this beautiful and poetic album parade one hundred exceptional women. They are presented with fervor, as they lived. When we continue to dream about them, and we will continue to dream about them….must we not sometime ask if art was not invented simply to represent woman? This bewitching album incites us to answer affirmatively.
La Libre Belgique

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Femmes: les grands mythes féminins à travers le monde, fue editado en París por Hermé en 1987. A esas féminas dadoras de vida y muerte, mitad celestiales, mitad terrestres, pertenece Erzsébet Bathory, incluida en el libro y de la que se tiene abundoso informe atroz por diligencia de varios autores. He aquí el más espeluznante.”
Luis Alberto Crespo, Entonces se llamó mujer